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My name is David Cookson, I am 67 years old, a retired joiner and have been interested in photography and actively participating and learning the craft for over forty years. Throughout my younger years I loved to trek and climb, and coming from the North West of England rarely would you find me outside of the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales and every year I would make a long distance walk or go climbing in the Scottish mountains….of course my camera went along to record these events. I have thousands of landscape images taken on clockwork cameras, subsequently these photos are all on glorious slide film (Fujichrome Velvia 50 for those who know how special this film was). Nowadays my ambitions are curtailed somewhat, the gentle hills of Northumberland can be demanding but I still find the coastal routes exhilarating. A few years back my wife Margaret asked me to take some snaps of wild flowers she had found in a local field, one thing lead to another and before I new it, I was trying to get more ambitious shots of birds and other wildlife, and believe you me it becomes quite infectious. I have always been ambitious - not in the competitive sense of me against the world - more, striving to get a better image of a particular subject than the ones I had taken previously, I was….am, in competition with myself. Its probably the way I was brought up…“if a jobs worth doing its worth doing properly”. Of course I don’t always succeed in my endeavors, but that is the challenge of photography. Photographing British wildlife can be very frustrating - the light is rarely favorable - dog walkers are a nightmare - set a camera up twenty miles from the nearest habitation and wait three days for your quarry to come into shot, you will hear someone shout “what are you photographing” the answer is “that bloody bird flying off over there” - that said when it all comes together its the most fantastic feeling in the world and very rewarding. Time is the word regarding photography - Time spent waiting - Time spent observing - Time…a click of the shutter and the moment is frozen never to be repeated.

I commend my photos to the house….

If you would like to contact me I would be happy to hear from you…. Contact me at wildphoto(at) and replace the (at) with @ Please enjoy. Many Thanks for looking………… David Cookson “May the wind always be on your back”